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Muten Roshi will come with 3 different Outfits.
- Shell Outfit
- Jackie Chun
- Jackie Chun (Bald)
He also has a completely new bone tree to fit his proportions better.
Each Outfit will have a unique moveset with different skills.

Special Thanks to Sol Negro for letting me use his mod as Base
Check his Youtube Channel for more awsome mods.


New ingame previews and new Character
Kid Goku


Revenge of King Piccolo will be a DLC pack which contains various new Content based on the King Piccolo Saga from Dragonball

I keep posting my progress on this project here. So if you want to keep it up to date make sure to check by every few days.

You can expect 7 New Characters added to the roster .

Each character will have:
New Model
Custom Stats
Own Aura
New Moveset
New Bone Tree to perfectly fit proportions
and some will have completly new animations

I cant give a Release date yet as this is still in early progress .
For now here are the first 2 Characters that will be included each which unique movesets and skills.